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2015 Season offer

Price: 4000 PLN
(855.71EUR*) (Prices marked are approximate and automatically converted according to the NBP tables: 155/A/NBP/2022 - 2022-08-11)
Fresh semen:
Frozen semen:
Mares registered at Polish Arabian Stud Book - 50% discount

Semen Administrator: Michałów State Stud
Stadnina Koni Michałów
28-411 Michałów
+48 41-356-54-05
+48 41-356-54-06


(QR Marc (US) x Mata Hari (PL))
Stallion, darkbay, 2011

Breeder: SK Michałów (PL)
Sire line: Saklawi I 1886, hod. Anazeh Ruala (B)
Dam line: Gazella or.ar. ~1840, hod. Anazeh Sebaa (B), imp. 1845 Jarczowce (PL)

Medalion - fot. Glenn Jacobs
Medalion - fot. Glenn Jacobs
QR Marc (US) Marwan Al Shaqab (QA) Gazal Al Shaqab (QA)
Little Liza Fame (US)
Swete Dreams (US) Magic Dream (CA)
Kouream de Ment (US)
Mata Hari (PL) Werbum (PL) Wojsław (PL)
Werda (PL)
Martynika (PL) Monogramm (US)
Martyna (PL)
MEDALION is another chief sire stallion representing the Saklavi I sire line through its GAZAL AL SHAQAB branch. He is a direct son, grandson and great-grandson of three World Champions: QR MARC, MARWAN AL SHAQAB & GAZAL AL SHAQAB. Although Medalion was never shown due to an injury sustained just prior to his first championship, he is widely regarded as the best foal of the 2011 Arabian crop in Poland. Already his first 2016 crop included EMDRONA - the 2017 Junior Spring Show Silver Champion Mare and Polish National Junior Gold Champion Mare.