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2017 Season offer

Price: 6000 PLN
(1302.39EUR*) (Prices marked are approximate and automatically converted according to the NBP tables: 184/A/NBP/2023 - 2023-09-22)
Fresh semen:
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Semen Administrator: Michałów Stud
Stadnina Koni Michałów
28-411 Michałów
+48 41-356-54-05
+48 41-356-54-06


(Monogramm (US) x Garonna (PL))
Stallion, bay, 1994

Breeder: SK Michałów (PL)
Sire line: Kuhailan Haifi or.ar. 1923, hod. Khalef el Aouad, imp. 1931 Gumniska (PL)
Dam line: Gazella or.ar. ~1840, hod. Anazeh Sebaa (B), imp. 1845 Jarczowce (PL)

Monogramm (US) Negatraz (US) Bask (PL)
Negotka (US)
Monogramma (SU) Knippel (SU)
Monopolia (SU)
Garonna (PL) Fanatyk (PL) Aloes (PL)
Fatima (PL)
Gizela (PL) Palas (SU)
Gilza (PL)
Like Ekstern, GANGES stems from the sire line of Kuhailan Haifi. These two chief sires are the best sons of MONOGRAMM born in Poland and active in breeding today. Ganges embodies the Polish concept of the "brave and beautiful" - he is a show champion (twice a Polish National Junior Reserve Champion, Blommeröd International Senior Champion & Best in Show, Polish National Senior Champion, All Nations Cup Reserve Champion & US National Reserve Champion Stallion) and three time winner from the track (including the Koheilan I Stakes). His best racing get include DON CARLOS (winner of the Derby and Bask St.), GONGES Z REGUŁA (Janów Podlaski (Arabian Produce) St. & Piechur St.), GHAZALLAH (Europejczyk St. & Michałów St.).


  • 1995: Polish National Reserve Junior Champion Stallion - Michałów (PL)
  • 1996: Polish National Reserve Junior Champion Stallion - Michałów (PL)
  • 2000: International Senior Champion Stallion & Best in Show - Blommeröd (SE)
  • 2001: Polish National Senior Champion Stallion - Janów Podlaski (PL)
  • 2001: All Nations Cup Senior Reseve Champion Stallion - Aachen (DE)
  • 2002: Champion Stallion - Columbus, OH (US)
  • 2002: US National Top Ten Champion Stallion - Louisville, KY (US)
  • 2003: Scottsdale Arabian Show Top Ten (Country English Pleasure) - Scottsdale, AZ (US)
  • 2003: US National Reserve Champion Stallion - Albuquerque, NM (US)