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2017 Season offer

Price: 3000 PLN
(651.2EUR*) (Prices marked are approximate and automatically converted according to the NBP tables: 184/A/NBP/2023 - 2023-09-22)
Fresh semen:
Frozen semen:

Semen Administrator: Janów Podlaski Stud
Stadnina Koni Janów Podlaski
Wygoda 3
21-505 Janów Podlaski
+48 83-341-30-09
+48 83-341-33-60
Anna Stefaniuk


Do ceny nasienia należy doliczyć 8 % podatku VAT.
Właścicielom klaczy wpisanych do PASB, przy zakupie nasienia  przysługuje 50 % zniżki.


(Wojsław (PL) x Sarmacja (PL))
Stallion, chestnut, 2002

Breeder: SK Janów Podlaski (PL)
Sire line: Bairactar or.ar. 1813, imp. 1817 Weil (DE)
Dam line: Mlecha or.ar. ~1840, imp. 1845 Jarczowce (PL)

Sabat - fot. Wiesław Pawłowski (2013)
Sabat - fot. Wiesław Pawłowski (2013)
Wojsław (PL) Tallin (SU) Nabeg (SU)
Talantlivaia (SU)
Wilejka (PL) El Paso (PL)
Warmia (PL)
Sarmacja (PL) Gil (PL) Probat (SE)
Gildia (PL)
Saszetka (PL) Engano (PL)
Sasanka (PL)

Sabat is the son of the superb Wojsaw, 1991 Polish National Champion Stallion, continuer of the Bairactar d.b. sire line. Wojsław's outstandings sons include, Emanor, Druid and Werbum.

On the dam's side Sabat represents the phenomenal racing dam line of Sabellina. His dam – the Triple Crown winner Sarmacja, won the Derby and Oaks just like before her: Sabellina, Santa, Sasanka and Saszetka. Sarmacja's worthy heir is her daughter Savvannah.

Sabat exhibited extraordinary strength and stamina. Due to an injury he stayed out his 4 year old season, which excluded him from competing for the most important stakes. However as a three year old and five year old he belonged to the best of his crop and in 2007 was peerless.

In 2007 he began stud duties. Used in the racing program, he has few get. His first crop began racing in 2013. Fortunat was once 1st, twice 2nd and three times 3rd.

Racing career

2005 and 2007 – 10 starts: 6xI, 2xII, 1xIII, 1xIV

2007 – 1st place Nagroda Kurozwęki Stakes
2007 – 1st place Nagroda Ofir Stakes
2007 – 1st place Nagroda Bandos Stakes
2005 – 3rd place Nagroda Criterium Stakes
2005 – 4th place Nagroda Białka Stakes
2005 – 1st place Nagroda Europejczyk Stakes