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• 2016-06-04 •

26th Junior Arabian Horse Spring Show - day one

The 26th Junior Arabian Horse Spring Show begun today at Białka Stud. Click the link for detailed results of today's classes.

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• 2016-06-03 •

26th Junior Arabian Horse Spring Show

The Junior Show in Białka begins tomorrow!
The schedule of the various age categories can be found here.

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• 2016-06-01 •

1st All-Polish Arabian Horse Championship - Radom 2016

June 15th is the deadline for entering horses into the 1st All-Polish Arabian Horse Championship - Radom 2016 (9-10th of July, Radom-Piastów sports airfield). The show is organized under the honorary patronage of the President of the city of Radom.

The show, dedicated to Arabian horses registered in the PASB, is not affiliated, but will be held in accordance with ECAHO rules. A novelty in the case of Polish shows is a contest for foals. There will be four finals: two for juniors and two for seniors. The show will be judged by: Klaus Beste (Germany), Albert Sorroca (Spain) and James Swaenepoel (Belgium).

Medalists and class top five finalists will receive prize money. The highest prize will go to the Best in Show (15 thousand PLN). The remaining prizes are: 5 thousand PLN for each gold medal, 3 thousand PLN for each silver medal and one thousand PLN for each bronze. A victory in class will bring 1,200 PLN, second place - 800 PLN and places third to fifth - 400 PLN. The foal classes will award 2,000 PLN for first place (which will at the same time mean a gold medal), a thousand PLN for second place and 500 PLN for places from third to fifth.

The entry fee is 400 PLN (200 PLN for the registration and 200 PLN for a stall).

Entries can be sent by email to: biuro@czempionatradom.pl

Entry form (in Polish)

List of entered horses (in Polish)

Show terms and conditions (in Polish)



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• 2016-05-31 •

Some more May updates...

It's the end of the month and time for a quick summary of Polish mentions at other shows that took place in May.

At the Jordanian National Show (12-13.05) the yearling SS SADDAM (IT) bearing a pure Polish pedigree (Empire - Farah-Darina) placed second in his class, whereas the mare MUAYADAH (JO) out of the Michałów-bred Elwirena came in fifth in the 10-14 year old mares class.

The L'Arte del Cavallo in Italy (14-15.05) saw the mare EXPOSITA E.A. (BE) out of Białka's Ekina place third in the 4-6 year old mare class, with the mare HS SANTA FE (GB) by the Michałów sire Ferryt ending up fifth in the 8 years old and above category.

On that same weekend (14-15.05) the XXII Arabes&Co. show took place in Spain. Here victorious in the yearling fillies class - and later the winner of the yearling gold champion mare title - was KONOUZ ALBIDAYER (FR) out of Michałów's Ebla. In the two year old fillies class the fifth place belonged to the daughter of Pogrom, AINHOA MA PTIT FOLIE (FR). The mare AURA E.A. (ES) out of Janów's Arabeska secured second spot in the 7-10 year old mares class. In the 4-6 year old mares category the mare JOSEPH'S WAKITA (FR), bearing a pure-Falborek Arabians pedigree (Altis - Wares) placed third, whereas the stallion DZHARI NUNKI (FR) by the Bełżyce-bred sire Piwosz was not only second in his 4-6 year olds class, but also claimed the senior silver champion title.

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• 2016-05-30 •

Racing 28-29.05: El Paso St., Ofir St. and a conformation race

Among the Arabian races that took place this past weekend at the Warsaw Służewiec track it is worth noting the results of the El Paso St. (a 1st group race), Ofir St. (an A cat. race) and the conformation race.


28th of May (Saturday)

Conformation race for 3 year old Arabian fillies (group II)

1. MASCARA (Wadi Nur - Mamba/Ar-Rahman) – bred and owned by PPH Parys sp. z o.o., trained by M. Łojek

2. BINT MIRA CETI (Amarant - Bint Madonah/Eldon)

3. HANECZKA (Amarant - Herma/Millennium)

4. FORMISS (Esparto - Formia/Gazal Al Shaqab)

5. EXPRESSJA TV (El Omari - El Medina/Gazal Al Shaqab)


Conformation races are eligible for horses whose male ancestors fulfil the required criteria. In this case the criteria are met the following way:

- the sire of the victorious Mascara, Wadi Nur, is a son of World Champion Gazal Al Shaqab

- the sire of Bint Mira Ceri and Haneczka, Amarant, is a son of Batyskaf (Polish National Champion) and a grandson of Pamir (Polish National Champion and World Cup Champion)

- the sire of Formiss, Esparto, is a Polish National Champion. He is furthermore the son of World Champion Ekstern.

- the sire of Expressja TV, El Omari, is a son of US National Champion Enzo.



28th of May (Saturday)

El Paso St. – a handicap race for 4 year old and older Arabian horses (group I)

1. FARHA (Nougatin - Folia/Pers) – bred by M. Stelmaszczyk and owned by M. Stelmaszczyk & M. Wnorowski, trained by M. Wnorowski

2. LB NAJ (GB) (Sambist - WFA Naeema/Vert Olive)

3. WIERZBIN (Gorec - Wiatka/Pamir)

4. SUAHILI (Vasyli Kossack - Sajra/Harbin)

5. HORACY (Adwokat - Hikma/Touwayssan)



29th of May (Sunday)

Ofir St. (A cat.) – an international race for 4 year old and older Arabian horses

1. ARASH (Akim De Ducor - Almina/Furiat) – bred and owned by Z. Górski, trained by M. Janikowski

2. SZAKUR (Akbars - Sulima z Reguła/Etar)

3. ALLADYN (Von - Alba Longa/Ostragon)

4. USSAM DE CARRERE (FR) (Njewman - Assada El Baraka/Mad Oua)

5. MUFID (Akbars - Mukata Fata/KA Czubuthan)


More details and other Arabian race results can be found here:

28.05 (Saturday)

29.05 (Sunday)


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• 2016-05-26 •

Pride of Poland Sale - update

This year's official Pride of Poland website has updated the sale horse profiles with photographs and more details:
Pride of Poland 2016
Summer Sale 2016
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• 2016-05-24 •

It's here - the new Pride of Poland website

The official site for the Janów Podlaski auction and National Show, which this year is held under a new name of Arabian Horse Gala, is finally available.

It includes a list of horses divided into the Pride of Poland and Summer Sale - unfortunately they are still lacking extended pedigrees and detailed information about the offered horses.

You can also find ticket and VIP prices.

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• 2016-05-22 •

British Breeders Alliance Show (GB) - 21-22.05

On May 21st-22nd the first edition of the British Breeders Alliance show was held at the Weston Lawns Equestrian Centre in Coventry, UK. Also here the classes were not very numerous, from 2 to 5 participants. The exception were 3 year old fillies with 7 participants and the 4-10 year old mare category with 6 participants, although the greater number in the latter resulted from the combining of two classes into one.

As usual Polish accents could be found, not only in the show itself, but also in the finals:

Yearling fillies (A series):

5th - LITTLE GALENA (GB) - out of the Polish mare GINEA bred by Ewex Arabians

Yearling fillies (B series):

1st - EMILJA (GB) - sired by GOTICO (bred by Piotr Podgórny) out of EWITACJA (bred by Jan Głowacki) ---> Yearling Gold Champion Mare

2nd - EMALIA (GB) - out of EMDA bred by Białka Stud ---> fifth place in the yearling mare finals

Senior geldings

3rd - FROTZI (GB) - out of the Michałów-bred FERRI

Mares 4-10 years old

2nd - SAN HASSA (PL) - bred by Andrzej Piwowarski (Hassan Ashiraf - Sosenka) ---> Senior Bronze Champion Mare

3rd - NASZEEMA A (GB) - out of the British-bred SASZARTA bearing a pure Polish pedigree (Elart - Sasza) ---> Senior Silver Champion Mare

Mares 11 years old and above

1st - PRAWICA (PL) - by Ararat out of Palmira, bred by Michałów Stud ---> fourth place in the senior mare finals

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• 2016-05-18 •

ARABIA Polska - Warsaw Championships, update

The organizers of the ARABIA Polska - Warsaw Championships, which will be held on June 24-25th at the Buksza Polo & Riding Club (in Góra Kalwaria) have update the information regarding the program of the show and conditions for participation.

ARABIA POLSKA - Warsaw Championships, Program and conditions for participation.


>>> link

• 2016-05-17 •

A new type of ECAHO show

At the last meeting the Show Commission approved a new ECAHO show concept - the Breeders´ show. This show is intended only for horses which are bred and owned by the same breeding entity (same person or breeding stable).

The show may be judged by people who are not the ECAHO judge lists, but they must be breeders. A breeder is anybody who has bred, as owner or Stud manager, at least one Arabian foal each year for the three years prior to the year of the show. Trainers and handlers are not allowed to judge

Horses participating in Breeders ́ shows do not qualify for Title shows or A shows.

The Breeders´ show rules will appear in the printed version of the Blue Book 2017, however, it is valid since the Show Commission meeting and you can affiliate it already in 2016 without late affiliation surcharge.

More details on the ECAHO website.

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