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• 2016-12-28 •

2017 ECAHO show calendar

The show calendar for the 2017 season has now been published on the ECAHO website. Five shows are planned to be held in Poland:

- Junior Spring Show (B), Białka, 3-4.06.2017

- Warsaw Championships (B international), Buksza Polo Club, 22-24.06.2017

- Polish National Arabian Horse Show (National), 11-13.08.2017

- Al Khalediah European Arabian Horse Festival (B intertaional), 18-19.08.2017 (added December 30th)

- Cracow Arabian Horse Show (C), Cracow, 8-10.09.2017

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• 2016-12-23 •

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• 2016-12-18 •

Fujairah Arabian Horse Beauty Championships 2016 (UAE)

After 4 days the Fujairah Arabian Horse Beauty Championships came to an end. It was the second edition of this show, which is clearly gaining on significance - the first one saw 271 entries, while this time around the number in the catalogue showed 417. Among the entries were Polish bred horses, as well as the produce of Polish mares - they not only placed high in classes, but were also present on the podium.

In the yearling fillies class the bronze medal went to KARIMAH AL AALYA by Ekstern out of the Michałów-bred Karbala by Emigrant, bred by Sami Ben Saad.

The silver medal of the junior mares was awarded to BASMAH AL BIDAYER, daughter of Bidayer by Emigrant out of Michałów's Eskalopka.

In the senior stallion finals the judges awarded the gold medal to ELIOS D'AMOUR out of Michałów's  Eballerina by Emigrant, bred by the Belgian Knocke Arabians, whereas the bronze medal went to BURKAN AL BIDAYER, another produce of the afore mentioned Bidayer by Emigrant.

The following horses placed in the top fives of their classes:

Yearling fillies (1A)

5th HANEEN AL MAHRAH (out of Niebianka bred by Alicja Najmowicz)


Yearling fillies (1B)

1st MALEKAT BABEL (out of Marionetka bred by Agricola Farm)

2nd GADEER AL HABOOB (out of Cervinia bred by SK Janów Podlaski)

3rd WEDYAN BABEL (out of Wyborna bred by SK Michałów)


Yearling fillies (1D)

1st KARIMAH AL AALYA (by Ekstern out of Karbala bred by SK Michałów) --> yearling fillies bronze medal


Two year old fillies (2A)

3rd SEHER AL JAMAL (by Psyche Keret out of Gaja Valentina bred by SK Chrcynno-Pałac)


Two year old fillies (2B)

1st MANARA BHM (out of Mademoiselle bred by M. & J. Pietrzak)


Two year old fillies (2D)

2nd BASMAH AL BIDAYER (out of Bidayer, daughter of Emigranta and Michałów's Eskalopka) --> junior fillies silver medal


Three year old fillies (3A)

5th BAIDAA AL MUAWD (out of Herlina bred by SK Białka)


Three year old fillies (3B)

5th GALLA YAS (by Equator out of Wieża Snów bred by SK Michałów)


4 year old mares (4)

5th PINTALIA K.A. (out of Polenta bred by SK Janów Podlaski)


5 year old mares (5)

2nd PALANGIJA (Alert - Palanga) bred by SK Michałów

3rd NEVA (Hassan Ashiraf - Nautica) bred by Alicja Najmowicz

4th CETARA (Ekstern - Cetula) bred by SK Janów Podlaski


6-7 year old mares (6)

1st EGEMA (Esparto - Egira) bred by SK Białka

4th D ESHAAN (out of Prudencja bred by SK Michałów)


8-11 year old mares (7)

3rd AL ARYAM NE'AMA (out of Wideta bred by SK Michałów)

5th GAJA VALENTINA (Emiliusz - Ganga) bred by SK Chrcynno-Pałac


Mares 12 years old and above (8)

1st LAVERNA (Ekstern - Loretta) bred by SK Michałów

4th EUDORA (Piaff - Euzetia) bred by SK Janów Podlaski

5th WIEŻA SNÓW (Emigrant - Wieża Babel) bred by SK Michałów


Yearling colts (9B)

3rd SAHAB MS (out of Forminga bred by SK Michałów)


Yearling colts (9E)

5th ZAHI JUMEIRA (out of Bint Moleta bred by Falborek Arabians)


4 year old stallions (12)

2nd BURKAN AL BIDAYER (out of Bidayer, daughter of Emigranta and Michałów's Eskalopka) --> senior stallion bronze medal


5-6 year old stallions (13)

1st GENTELMAN (Madras Kossack - Greka) bred by Agnieszka Wójtowicz

4th FAIR (AB Jamil La Piana - Fila) bred by PPH Parys


Stallions 7 years old and above (14)

1st ELIOS D'AMOUR (out of Eballerina bred by SK Michałów) --> senior stallion gold medal

4th EL FADO (WH Justice - Enya) bred by ZHP Strusinianka

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• 2016-12-16 •

Medals at the Qatar National Show

During the 19th Qatar National Purebred Arabian Horse Show, organized by Qatar Racing & Equestrian Club and held on the 9-10th of December, Polish bred mares won two medals in the junior mare championships. The two year old ELLUARA (Kahil Al Shaqab - Ellua/Al Maraam), bred by Michałów Stud, claimed the gold, while her peer, the Janów-bred EMPUZA (Kahil Al Shaqab - Eulerta/Ganges) was awarded with the silver. Both mares won their respective classes, receiving a top mark for type (Empuza) and movement (Elluara). They are owned by Al Shaqab Stud.

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• 2016-12-15 •

Winter Horse Sale at Janów Podlaski Stud

This Saturday (December 17th) Janów Podlaski Stud is hosting the Winter Horse Sale for Arabians and Anglo-Arabians. Four new horses have just been added to the sale offer:

- colt PASADOS 2013 (Kahil Al Shaqab - Passionaria/Gazal Al Shaqab)

- colt PIAGET 2013 (Kahil Al Shaqab - Palmeta/Ecaho)

- stallion OLEK 2010 (Ostragon - Owidja/Aslan)

- colt CYNAMON 2013 (Alert - Cyfra/Pesal)

The terms and conditions of the sale can be found of www.skjanow.pl

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• 2016-12-13 •

Winter Arabian Horse Sale 2016

On December 10th Michałów Stud held their Winter Arabian Horse Sale, with "open stables" the day before. The aggregate of the sale was 404.1 thousand euro. The highest selling lots were the mares, bought by Polish private breeders: PYRRA and PIACONELLA were secured for 41 thousand euro, EFFIE for 35 thousand euro, WIEŻA MARII for 25 thousand euro and MINERWINA for 20 thousand euro.

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• 2016-12-08 •

Roman Pankiewicz has passed away

On December 6th another one of the Great Breeders has left us... Roman Pankiewicz passed away at the age of 92. An exceptional breeder, associated mainly with the successes of Albigowa Stud and its legendary stallion Bask, as well as a superb author of numerous articles and books, including "The Register of Polish Arabian Stallions". A man without whom both Polish and world Arabian horse breeding would not be the same today. A touching tribute to Roman Pankiewicz has been written by Agnieszka Mikulska, his many year friend and co-operator.

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• 2016-12-06 •

EL DORADA (1998-2016)

Michałów State Stud has informed that today, after a long illness, the mare EL DORADA has passed away at the age of 18. The best daughter of Polish National Champion and World Champion Mare Emigrantka and World Champion Stallion Sanadik El Shaklan remains one the most famous and most decorated mares of Michałów Stud. At the age of two she claimed the titles of Junior Spring Show Champion Mare, Blommeröd International Junior Champion Mare, Polish National Junior Champion Mare and European Junior Champion Mare. As a senior she enlarged this collection with such accolades as Polish National Senior Champion Mare, All Nations Cup Senior Champion Mare, European Senior Champion Mare and World Senior Reserve Champion Mare. El Dorada also conquered America as Scottsdale Senior Reserve Champion Mare and US National Senior Champion Mare. As a 14 year old she again took the podium at all three of the European Triple Crown shows, gaining the silver medals of the All Nations Cup and European Championships, as well as the bronze at the World Championships. A year later the judges awarded her with the Silver Senior Champion Mare title at the prestigious Prince Sultan bin Abdulaziz International Arabian Horse Festival in Saudi Arabia. In 2015 during the Menton show two of El Dorada's sons, EL PALACIO VO (US) and WAJEEH ATHBAH (IT) received the Best Head awards in their classes, while El Dorada herself was awarded with the Best Dam of the Show title.

Most notable among El Dorada's produce is EL PALACIO VO (US) by Al Lahab. This multi champion from the Middle East and World Junior Bronze Champion Stallion is currently a valued sire, the father of this year's World Junior Bronze Champion Mare BINT HAZY AL KHALEDIAH (SA).

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• 2016-11-29 •

Winter Auction at Janów Podlaski Stud - December 17th

Janów Podlaski State Stud has announced the date of their Winter Auction, which will take place on the stud grounds on December 17th. The list of horses offered for sale can be viewed here.

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• 2016-11-27 •

World Championships 2016 - the finals

Today's finals of the Arabian Horse World Championships brought TOP TEN titles to the following mares: EMANOLLA (in the yearling fillies category), GALERIDA (junior mares), EMMONA and WIEŻA MARC'A (senior mares). All mares were bred at Michałów Stud, with WIEŻA MARC'A representing her new owners, Sinus Arabian Stud.

However the podium did not lack Polish traces. The sire of the Bronze Junior Champion Mare, BINT HAZY AL KHALEDIAH, is EL PALACIO VO - son of Michałów's EL DORADA. Whereas the Junior Gold Champion Stallion GALLARDO J boasts Polish ancestors on both sides of his pedigree: his sire EMERALD J is the son of Michałów's EMANDORIA, while his dam, GOMERA J, is a daughter of EKSTERN and a granddaughter of EUKALIPTUS.

Detailed results of the World Championships can be found here.

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