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• 2021-03-28 •


The AL DHAFRAN ARABIAN HORSE CHAMPIONSHIP show taking place in Abu Dhabi is another one this year in which we can support a large group of horses with Polish pedigrees.
A.L.R. FAJR was fourth in the yearling fillies class (1A)., great-granddaughter of Michałów's ESKLAWA, through her mother ROZA AL ZOBAIR,
The winner of class 1B was BANAFSAJ ALYAH, daughter of the stallion AJ MARZAN and mare ENTIA (Psytadel - Enona / Fawor) bred by Katarzyna Dolińska - Witkowska, fourth place went to BIDAYER ALBADR by AJ MARZAN out of GAJA LUNA (Psyche Keret / Gaja Iris / Poganin) bred by Chrcynno Palace Stud,
The fourth place in the next yearling fillies class (1C) was taken by SUNDUS AL DAR (Saad Al Aalya - Celina / Ajman Moniscione), whose mother is a daughter of CIARKA by Borek born in Białka,
Also the fourth place (1D) was taken by the annual JAMEELAT ALBADR (FA EL Rasheem - Gaja Lilit / Echo Adonis), whose mother was bred at Chrcynno Palace Stud,
SHAMOUKH ALBATEEN, who took fourth place in the two-year-old fillies class (2A), is the daughter of the stallion PERNAL (Esparto - Perfirka / Gazal Al Shaqab) born in Białka and the mare ZOSTERIA (QR Marc - Zeksterna / Ekstern) bred by Czeple Arabians,
The fourth place in class 2B was taken by ALYA H, daughter of the stallion MARAJJ and the mare PIADINA, whose mother is PRIMA by WOJSŁAW, born in Michałów,
HIND S.S. was ranked second in class 2C, she is by D MSHARY out of PLATINA S.S., out of ETINA by PALAS, born in Kurozwęki,
In the 2D class, S.L. SABHA by D MSHARY from the mare MATAHNA born in Michałów (WH Kaneko MS - Mata Hari / Werbum),
The winner of the 3-year-old mares class was ZEMOUREDA BABEL by the Polish stallion FUERTE (Shanghai E.A. - Frymuszka / Ekstern) and by ZINA K.A. (QR Marc - Zafina D'Elzenwalle / Galba, out of Michałów's ZBROJOWNIA), in second place was GHALA ALSADEEM, also after the Polish-born stallion GALL OF SHANGHAI (Shanghai E.A. - Gallia by Galba),
The second place in the 4-6 year old mares class was won by Janów's ESTONIA (Palatino - Esparta / Poganin), fourth in this class was KARIMAH AL AALYA by EKSTERN out of KARBAL by EMIGRANT, exported in the womb,
In the 7-year-old and above mares class (5A), ZAKHER AJ, the daughter of ESPARTO (Ekstern - Ekspresja / Eukaliptus) and ZANELLA VAN RYAD, came second, followed by Michałów's EXPRESSJA TV (El Omari - El Medina / Gazal Al Shaqab), in class 5B, the third was FLAMINGA MS, daughter of the parents born in Michałów: ESPARTO and the FORMINGA (Laheeb - Figlarka / Monogramm),
The winner of the yearling colts class (6B) was A.L.R. TAHADY by BARJASS AL ZOBAIR and out of the mare PSYCHE KYBELE (Khidar - Pomona / Ekstern) born in Chrcynno, the second was MUNEER KH by FA EL Rasheem and out of the mare PIALENA, the granddaughter of Michałów PREMIERA, the third was LAMAR BHM by AJMAN MONISCIONE, out of  PA LIVIA, daughter of LARISSA from Michałów, and the fifth was JA MURTAJEZ ALJAZEERA after FA EL Rasheem from the aforementioned EXPRESSJA TV,
In the two-year-old colts class (7C), the fourth place was taken by SPLENDIDO MS by ABHA UBANGUI and out of the mare EGEMA (Esparto - Egira / Emigrant), born in Białka,
Among the 3-year-old colts (8B), the third was FREYSON (E.S. Harir - Future / Kahil Al Shaqab) bred by Andrzej Wójtowicz,
The 4-6 year old stallions class was won by BAHI JUMERAH by E.S. Sarab and from the aforementioned granddaughter of Michałów's ZBROJOWNIA - ZINA K.A.,
PERSEUS K.A., son of ESPRESSIVO (QR Marc - Emocja / Monogramm) and PHIROUETTES (QR Marc - Polenta / Ecaho) was second in the 7-year-old and above stallions class (10A),
Another 7-year-old and above stallion class (10B) was won by GALL OF SHANGHAI, bred in Czeple Arabians, son of Shanghai E.A. and Michałów's GALLIA (Galba - Galilea / Laheeb), the fifth was born in Janów CETERUS (Salar - Cerelia / Emigrant),
In the third class of stallions 7 years old and above (10C), Michałów's LARANDO (QR Marc - Laranda / Ekstern) was ranked second, and ELIOS D'AMOUR, son of QR Marc and E'BALLERINA (QR Marc - Eozyna / Emigrant) was ranked fifth.
Although 13 horses with Polish pedigrees took part in the championships, only three of them won the titles - in the yearling colts championship, the gold medal was won by MUNEER KH by FA EL Rasheem out of PIALENA (Marajj - Precious / Gazal Al Shaqab), and silver by A.L.R. TAHADY by Barjass Al Zobair out of PSYCHE KYBELE (Khidar - Pomona / Ekstern). In the senior stallions championship, the silver medal was won by BAHI JUMERAH by E.S. Sarab out of ZINA K.A. (QR Marc - Zafina D'Elzenwalle / Galba).
Judging panel: Abdelouahed Maagoul, Ahmed Abdelraziq, Alaa Hammad, Elyas Ebrahim Faraj, Medhat Gaber, Mohammed Oussidhoum, Rashid Al Ali, Sufian Taha.
Detailed results: https://www.arabianessence.tv/events/al-dhafrah-arabian-horse-championship-2021/304/
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